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Civil Litigation is the modern means of resolving disputes between parties. The attorneys at Van Dyke Litigation & Trial Attorneys, P.C. can represent you in disputes with other individuals, businesses (large or small), or the government that are not criminal in nature.

For example, if a real estate agent sells you a home but neglects to disclose that the home sits on a landfill, which subsequently results in damage to your home, you can file a civil lawsuit for damages against the agent. A more common example is if a careless driver crashes into your car, causing you injury, you can file a civil suit against the negligent driver.

Our attorneys and professional staff are educated and experienced in every aspect of Civil Litigation, giving you the best possible chance of achieving justice. We will expertly negotiate any settlement option presented, or, if necessary, we will effectively represent you throughout the litigation and trial.

Civil Litigation can be a long and expensive process; however, sometimes it is necessary. We will fight to win you justice from big business or others who have caused injury.

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