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Construction Litigation is one of the primary areas of practice at Van Dyke Litigation & Trial Attorneys, P.C. From providing advice on how to avoid a lawsuit to representing you through the litigation process, our mission is to provide the professional service that is most appropriate for your specific situation.

At Van Dyke Litigation & Trial Attorneys, P.C., we specialize in representing property owners whose homes or commercial buildings were improperly built. Our attorneys have helped thousands of clients recover damages caused by construction defects.

Unfortunately, many people pay hard-earned money to construct a home or building only to find that the building leaks, cracks, breaks, or is otherwise not what was contracted for. Often when the building owners ask the contractor to fix the problem they are only given excuses, such as the condition is normal, the warranty has expired, or the problem is someone else’s fault. Other times the contractor repairs the damage with a short term “band-aid” that simply masks the problem for a year or two.

If you are a property owner in California and Nevada, you have significant rights that extend beyond any contractor’s warranty or repairs the builder offers to perform. Our attorneys can help you work with the contractor to investigate and repair the construction defects without a lawsuit. And if a lawsuit is required, our exceptional knowledge of construction law, use of highly trained experts, and litigation and trial skills will help you win money to repair the defective building.

In addition to representing property owners, our attorneys work to protect small contractors’ interests and business. We can effectively advise you on contracts, quality control measures, and insurance issues in order to avoid future lawsuits. And if necessary, we can effectively represent you in lawsuits brought on by large companies.

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