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Providing litigation and trial services for clients and for small and large law firms

Van Dyke Litigation & Trial Attorneys, P.C, works to satisfy a need for attorneys who can aggressively litigate a case to prepare for trial and if necessary try a case in front of a jury or arbitrator.

We will take your case to trial

Assisting clients and attorney offices whose clients may have a tough fight ahead and want a law firm willing to take that fight to the end

Highly Experienced

With more than 20 years of experience, Glen Van Dyke and his team of attorneys are highly experienced in the courtroom. While many attorneys and firms prefer to settle out of court and lack real courtroom experience, we aren’t afraid to take your case to trial.

Skilled and Qualified Attorneys

Our team is constantly working to use our deep experience to hone our skills and approach in the courtroom to effectively prepare and move our clients’ cases through the trial process. We take a thoughtful, but aggressive approach to ensure a fair trial.

Implementing Cutting Edge Technology

We use the most effective trial technology on the market to tell the client’s story via video conferencing and presentation software.

“I am constantly training for and investing in the things that help us put on the best possible trial for our clients. Because of that, we are set up with the technology and know-how to try virtually any case in front of an arbitrator or jury to get the most out of the case.”

Glen Van Dyke