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Van Dyke Litigation & Trial Attorneys, P.C. provides aggressive and solution driven legal services to those involved in claims arising out of the work of licensed professionals. Typically those disputes involve actions of real estate agents, real estate brokers, architects, engineers, accountants and insurance brokers. We have spent thousands of hours in cases arising out of work of these professionals and has the ability to uniquely and aggressively pursue those claims through the complex factual and legal landscape they present.

Van Dyke Litigation & Trial Attorneys, P.C. has relationships with experts who have worked in these professions for years. These experts provide the information necessary to evaluate the facts surrounding a dispute, participate in developing a strategy to obtain the best results for the client and to provide necessary expert testimony through the case and at trial.

We have developed a strong knowledge of the law. With the knowledge of the law in this unique area it can avoid pitfalls while gaining advantage over the other parties in the dispute. This ever expanding wealth of knowledge allows it to provide superior legal representation for our clients compared to many other law firms who practice in the area of professional liability.

We also use our experience to provide practical solutions to the often complex problems that arise out of these relationships so the client can achieve the justice he or she deserves.

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